WE MUST GET UNITED! Consortium Statement Regarding Discreditation of Civil Society

July 30, 2020

We call all civic sector, all non-profit organizations and responsible citizens for getting united to protect against legislative attacks!

The civic sector experiences persistent pressure and discreditation. The number of draft laws registered in the Verkhovna Rada aims at creating unprecedented barriers to operations of public associations and charitable organizations. These proposals include:

  • Requirement polygraph testing for employees of CSOs;
  • Prohibiting former public officials to work at CSOs and civil activists to holdpublic office or supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises;
  • Obliging CSOs to submit a lot of additional reports;
  • Creating new bureaucratic barriersto completely shut downour operations.

Moreover, the latest Draft Law published last Monday provides officials with all instruments to apply pressure, prosecution, and ungrounded sanctions, including termination of CSO operation.

The initiators of the Draft Law declare that organizations receiving over 50 % funding from abroad seem to be under “foreign influence”. Meanwhile, business that attracts foreign loans and investments and directly cooperates with foreign governments is continuously being publicly supported and encouraged. And the Ukrainian state appears to be the largest recipient of donor funds from foreign countries (approx. 88 % of all international technical assistance) (the website of the Ministry of Economy as a source).

Due to funds and support from the other countries, we carry out humanitarian missions, help veterans and people with disabilities, protect human rights, take care ofenvironment, train young and retired people, promote Ukrainian culture and advance reforms. Will the Ukrainian society benefit if we are impeded?

We, the Consortium of the Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia”, Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, and the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research, require to stop discrediting the civil society! We call each and everypublic association and charitable organization to join this Statement. The united voice of the civil society must protect our dignity and our right to work without barriers for the benefit of Ukraine!

You can join the Statement here

To find out more comprehensive analysis of Draft Law No. 3936