Direction "Civil society"

Civil Society Division implements the CEDEM mission in promoting the development of a society of active and responsible citizens. Bringing together, educating others and creating communities with responsible and proactive participants – all this serves as the basis for auspicious social transformation. 


  • Financial and institutional support for the Reanimation Reform Package, the most powerful civil society association for key reforms co-initiated by CEDEM;
  • Smoke Free Kyiv, which advocated a ban on smoking in public places in 2012, is now concerned about regulating electronic cigarettes and banning advertising and public display of cigarettes.
  • ‘For Safe Roads’ Campaign is working to reduce mortality and injuries on Ukrainian roads through advocacy for legislative changes and social advertising;
  • Open University of Reforms, a joint project with the RPR Coalition, with about 30 motivated young people ready to participate in reforms graduating twice a year after 3 months of training, internships and implementation of their own projects since 2015;
  • Advocacy School has become a platform where we share expertise and enhance the potential for positive change since 2018.
  • Communication School, in 2019, CEDEM began teaching public activists on how to make creative social campaigns, write press releases, and communicate with the media. 

The focus of the Civil Society Division for the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law is on providing and ensuring legal support to civil society coalitions and strengthening democratic society in Ukraine. Also, our projects serve as platforms for learning, networking, and bringing community activists together for powerful projects. CEDEM is working on social projects that aim to increase the personal responsibility of citizens in the field of health and public safety.  


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