Responsible activism geography: map of Ukrainian civil society and the people developing it

September 9, 2022

30 years ago, Ukraine not only regained its independence, but also asked itself the question anew: How can the citizens of this young country with a long history make each other’s lives better?

The Ukrainians, together with the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law as part of the Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity, suggests looking at the history of Ukrainian independence not only as 30 years of achievements and challenges, but also as a variety of initiatives of active and responsible citizens that arose and continue to arise in different regions of the country. Some of them are working to improve Ukrainian education, some are helping young people, and some are helping veterans. Some of them have only a few years of history, while others are as old as independence. It is impossible (and unnecessary) to measure whose contribution to the development of the country is greater – but it is important to know about them. We have mapped the current geography and diversity of Ukrainian civil society and the people developing it.

See the map here.