How to work with open registers: CEDEM provided a training to activists

April 12, 2017

How to get information from open registries, analyze it and make anti-corruption investigations on the basis of these data, experts told about access to information during the training Access to information through open electronic registries organized by the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law. Public activists and journalists from different regions of Ukraine took part therein. The event was held with the support of the Government of Sweden.

Our task is to teach not only to use open registers, but also to analyze this information, to work with large volumes of data and their sources in order to establish a coherent picture. Public activists are investigators, so we will focus on critical thinking and activity”, – stated Tetiana Oleksiyuk, the Deputy Director of CEDEM in the opening speech.

 In the first part of the training, Ihor Rozkladay, a lawyer at CEDEM, told the audience about working with open electronic registries. He introduced the students to various types of registers: enterprises and public organizations, real estate objects, as well as land registers and professional registers. Also, the expert spoke about non-state databases.

 In the second part of the training, Yuriy Diug, the CEO of the ‘Anticorruption Monitoring” public organization, spoke about the use of the information received in anti-corruption monitoring.

During the lectures, participants were able to ask their questions and discuss current problems in the regions, share their own experience with open source data.

The full version of the material is available in Ukrainian: