Lab of Active Citizens Visited Lviv, Kharkiv and Rivne Regions

February 9, 2016

During the last week, the anticorruption Lab of Active Citizens held trainings in Lviv, Kharkiv and Rivne regions. Approximately, 70 proactive citizens have participated in these trainings learning about corruption and its different types, the instruments to counter corruption, anticorruption legislation and governmental bodies, effective anticorruption instruments, a request for information as a tool to control the authorities, etc.  The participants had the opportunity to listen to the expertise of various speakers and success stories of several civil society organisations.

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The detailed text together with the participants’ quotes in Ukrainian you can find here.

Media Law Institute in partnership with the Reanimation Package of Reforms conducts one-day practical trainings within the framework of Lab of Active Citizens, which will train activists to master anticorruption instruments, demand transparency of their local authorities and facilitate the formation of local “anti-corruption centers.”

Photos of the events can be found here