Lab Trained the Activists in Berezhany

July 12, 2016

Last week the experts of the Lab Ihor Kovalyk and Olha Mazayeva conducted a training of the anticorruption school “Lab of Active Citizens” in Berezhany, Ternopil region. The training was initiated and assisted by the participants of the Lab Halyna and Mykola Protsiv.

15 civic activists took part in the training. The deputy of the Mayor Berezhany Oleh Zakharkiv has joined the training as well.

The participants talked about corruption and conflicts of interests, access to public information, work of anti-corruption bodies: how to file an appeal to them and a court.

Many participants have brought documents (copies of authorities’ decisions, the Mayor orders) that testify the irregularities in the actions of local governmental bodies. During the training, the activists have discussed with the trainers the algorithm of how to prevent the adoption of such decisions and how to repeal such decisions and bring the perpetrators-officials to justice.

In addition, the activists of the Lab reviewed the public anti-corruption examination of regulations and familiarized themselves with the mission and plans of the civic initiative “CHESNO. Filter court!”.

All themes evoked lively discussion and even controversy, which once again convinced us that the result of anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine will be good only if the information on the methods and ways of combating anti-corruption will reach all citizens, especially in the most remote areas. People are willing to learn, although, a number of trained and equipped ones is still insufficient. However, the result is needed already now”, – said Mrs. Olga Mazayeva.