Lawyers of the Fund proved that information about pensions for special merits is open

November 22, 2016

Lawyers of Fund for protection of the right to information recently won a case in which they protected the right of civic activist Myhailo Shelep to get information about persons who received pensions for special merits before Ukraine.

Responding to the initial request Volyn Oblast State Administration gave the requested documents but erased the names of persons who received those pensions. It was argued as the necessity of protection of personal data of these persons.

Nevertheless, court disagreed with defendant`s explanation and in its decision noted that the requested documents were issued due performance of his duties, established by corresponding law.

These pensions are granted as increment to state pension, guaranteed by law. Additionally, law clearly establishes that the difference in amount of pensions is paid from the budget.

Thus, the court summarized that requested information is related to the budget funds, so the access to the copies of documents and names of receivers of pensions couldn`t be limited. This information should be sent on requests.

So defendant have fulfilled the court decision and gave all requested documents. 

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