Open University of Reforms finished its fifth involvement

June 13, 2017

The fifth involvement of Open University of Reforms (OUR) – joint educational initiative of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law – was finished.

From March till June 31 OUR members attended a lecture course from RPR experts as well as passed an internship in NGOs to receive knowledge and proficiency for participating in further reforms in Ukraine. Education program also included expert discussions and visits to National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, Мinistry of public health of Ukraine, meeting with Minister of finances of Ukraine. These studies are supported by Swedish Government.

OUR internship included 150 work hours in leading NGOs – members of Reanimation Package of Reforms. Within the internship, students directly practiced the work in public sector. In particular, CEDEM was the most popular internship base.

According to Andriy Gryshchuk, intern of the Anticorruption Headquarters NGO, this education mode allows to see, how the public organizations really work.

“I have finally seen the real work of anticorruption organization from inside: the project work, how the databases are fulfilled, how to analyze the declarations, tenders and make an official complaint about law violations, as well as many other. I succeed to participate in all these actions, and I`m very satisfied that received a big amount of knowledge about anticorruption work” – he stated.

According to Iryna Shyba, DeJuRe Foundation manager, the internship was an interesting experience for everybody involved in it.

“Generally speaking, the internship is a brilliant experience. We can teach the interns and at the same time get something new from them. We had two young men with different motivation. One of them was targeted on public activity and will probably work here as analyst. Another is a business lawyer, so he used this time to get a new experience. It was valuable for us, because we have a lot of work and heed help. It`s great that we could give any task to our interns, and they completed it”, – she said.