Toronto Principles, the roadmap for Ukrainian reforms

July 15, 2019

On June 15, the press-conference «Toronto Principles as the roadmap for Ukrainian reforms» was held. The Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition held an event to approve the challenges and priorities for reforms in Ukraine for the next 5 years. The event included a presentation of a poll, dedicated to an opinion of Ukrainians about reforms. The survey was conducted by the Democratic Initiatives Fund in cooperation with the sociology service of Razumkov Center. On July 2-4, in Toronto, during the third Ukraine Reform Conference, Coalition RPR presented a Toronto Principles and sectoral briefs in 12 policy branches to international partners, President of Ukraine and Government of Ukraine.

«It is a roadmap for the future: where the country have to go. The Toronto Principles are as well important to mark the achievements, which will guarantee the irreversibility of reforms», – stressed Taras Shevchenko, director of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, member of the Council of the RPR Coalition, who presented the document in Toronto. «The role of civil society in this process is to help in following the right course, and, on the other hand, in monitoring and tracking whether the current progress corresponds the correct vector of reforms», – expert noted.

Iryna Bekeshkina, director of the Democratic Initiatives Fund and member of Coalition Council of the RPR: «Rarely the majority in Ukraine considered that the country was moving in the right direction… The optimism in society have risen dramatically: 60% Ukrainians believe in success of reforms, while 34% don`t. Only one year ago the figures were opposite», – the expert stressed that now it’s a right time to implement the reforms. 

Previously we reported about  the presentation of Toronto Principles and Ukraine Reform Conference, joint Ukrainian-Canadian event, aimed at support of the positive changes in Ukraine and discussion about  further development of our country. 

Photo  Офіс реформ Кабінету Міністрів України