Verkhovna Rada voted for “open data”

May 19, 2015

On 9 April, MPs adopted two presidential drafts on “open data”.

Law of Ukraine “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine on public access to public information in the form of open data” (Draft № 2171) involves improvement of the Law of Ukraine “On access to public information” with regard to compulsive publication of some kinds of public information on web-sites and Unified web-portal of open data in the format that enables automatic processing and free access to such information.

In addition, any person may copy, publish, disseminate, use, including for commercial purposes, in connection with other information and through including it to the body of own product, public information in the form of open data with compulsory reference to the source of receiving such information for free.

In particular, in open data format the data from Register of higher educational establishments, Register of civic organizations, the information on state purchases, materials on general and detailed plan of territory and some other data, the list of which is prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers, should be published.

The Law will enter into force straight after its promulgation.


Law of Ukraine “On amendments to Article 28 of the Budgetary Code of Ukraine on access to information about budgetary activities in the form of open data” (Draft № 2172) covers publishing the information on budget (budgetary requests, quarterly and annual reports on fulfilment of State Budget of Ukraine, passports of budgetary programs and reports on fulfilment of passports of budgetary programs, decisions on local budgets, information on fulfilment of State Budget of Ukraine and local budgets (except for budgets of villages and big villages) and other) in the format of open data. The Law of Ukraine “On openness of using public funds” provides details on conditions and procedure of providing public access to information on using funds of State and local budgets. Amendments enter into force on 1 September 2015.