Media recovery as an integral part of Ukraine`s recovery (an open appeal regarding the Ukraine Recovery Conference)

May 7, 2024

In the conditions of a large-scale war, Ukrainian independent media play a crucial role in providing trustworthy information for both Ukrainians and the international audience. However, these media outlets, particularly the regional ones, face challenges due to the effects of armed aggression. Unfortunately, Ukraine’s international allies are not prioritizing their recovery. Many media organizations struggle with financial issues, lack of staff, and ongoing psychological stress. Due to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, over 230 media outlets were forced to shut down.

Many countries and donors are involved in Ukraine’s recovery efforts, but unfortunately, the media itself is not included in these programs. International donors view the media primarily as a means to share information about reconstruction rather than recognizing it as a sector in desperate need of assistance. Regional media may face extinction in just a few years if this concerning trend persists.

Journalists facing perilous physical conditions and economic crises not only report on the enemy’s aggression and its aftermath but also shed light on recovery efforts. The professional media can effectively communicate to the public the developments in reconstruction, the allocation of funding from international partners, the implementation of aid programs, and the provision of public oversight on expenditures. The absence of credible local media outlets contributes to heightened social tensions and a feeling of neglect in various regions. This information void is being filled with falsehoods, causing residents to lose faith in the rebuilding efforts in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian journalists, media organizations, and members of civil society, we urge the upcoming Ukraine Recovery Conference in Berlin on June 11-12, 2024, to include the topic of supporting and restoring local media in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian government should effectively communicate the recovery needs of the country’s media industry at both national and international levels. These needs should also be integrated into the reconstruction programs implemented by international partners. The restoration of Ukrainian media must be a crucial element in Ukraine’s overall recovery strategy. Without independent media, sustainable and transparent reconstruction will not be possible.

The following individuals and organizations have joined in support of the appeal:

  1. “Recovery Window” media network
  2. National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
  3. “Nakypilo” media group
  4. Tetiana Avdieieva, Digital Security Laboratory
  5. Victoria Hromova, State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting of Ukraine
  6. Zurab Alasania, officer of Ukraine’s armed forces
  7. Roman Kifluk, International media support IMS
  8. Oleh Dzolos, Institute of Journalism of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
  9. Anna Pavlenko, NV
  10. Anastasia Rudenko, “Recovery Window” network, “Rubryka” media outlet, regional media “Eastern Variant”
  11. Olha Stukalo, Network “Recovery Window”
  12. Valeriia Kovtun, Zinc Network
  13. Alyona Romaniuk, “NotaYenota”, “On the other side of Putin’s lies”, NGO “Information Analysis Center “Lakmus””
  14. The team of the NGO Lviv Media Forum
  15. Roman Danilenkov, “Recovery Window” network, “Nakypilo” media group, “Nakypilo” Practical Education Center
  16. Public organization “Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law”
  17. Yevhenia Dryzhuk, Bilozersky House of Culture
  18. Maria Avdeeva, strategic communications expert
  19. Vira Yatsenko, media and communications expert
  20. Diana Dutsyk, Ukrainian Institute of Media and Communication
  21. Ihor Nechytailo, Baryshiv settlement council
  22. Liudmyla Kurdelchuk, Lutsk school
  23. Anastasiia Pustova, SUPERWISE bureau/NGO
  24. Inna Kosianchuk, “Slovo” Vyshhorod district newspaper, Kyiv region
  25. Vitaliy Ulybin, “Sil” Media Group
  26. Olena Dub, Media consultant and trainer, co-founder of the professional community “SMM Talks for NGO & Media”
  27. Kateryna Sergatskova, 2402 Foundation
  28. Maksym Onoprienko, National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio Broadcasting
  29. Anastasiia Dziubak, “Hrechka” Information Portal
  30. Anatoliy Zhupyna, independent newspaper of the Kherson region “Novyi Den”
  31. Valentyna Manzhura, responsible secretary of the Zaporizhzhia Center of Journalistic Solidarity of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, co-coordinator of the Center for Journalistic Solidarity of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
  32. Tetiana Velyka, Director of “Holos Huliaipillia” newspaper editorial office LLC.
  33. Inna Shvydka, “Pivdenna Zoria” LLC
  34. Liza Kuzmenko, NGO “Women in Media”
  35. Tetiana Ilchuk, Ukrainian Media League
  36. Andrii Solomakha, Internet Association of Ukraine
  37. Ihor Darmostuk, KyivVlada
  38. Oleh Nevenytsia, NGO Crisis Media Center “Siverskyi Donets”
  39. Joanna Krawczyk, Ukrainian Media Fund
  40. Dmytro Klimanov, Telegazeta Publishing House
  41. Liudmyla Pankratova, NGO Institute of Regional Press Development
  42. Hanna Vakarchuk, Novoselytsia Newspaper “Slovo Pravdy” in the Chernivtsi Region
  43. Oleksandra Kot, LLC “Editorial Office of the Newspaper “Dniprovskyi Vohni”
  44. Viacheslav Tverdokhlib, TV Channel TV7
  45. Hennadii Derybas, LLC “Gazeta MIG”
  46. Lesia Lazorenko, Kremenchug Telegraph
  47. Polian-Pylyp Yuryk, Magazine “Perets. Vesela Respublika”
  48. Inessa Atamanchuk, JSC Gazeta MIG
  49. Alla Shamrai, Radio Na Dotyk
  50. Nataliia Stina, LLC “Editorial Office of the Newspaper “Chervonyi Promin”
  51. Svitlana Kostiuk, ZOO NSJU Website
  52. Mykhailo Doroshenko, Editorial Office of the Newspaper “Ukraina Moloda”

The appeal is open for signature via the link.