Direction "Independent media"

One of the main tasks in this area is to clarify current legal issues in the media field. By developing independent media, we are developing a society of informed citizens thus ensuring democratic state. 

Until 2016, CEDEM was referred to as the Media Law Institute as an organization specializing in the media field. As we broaden our action horizons, we continue to expand our expertise in the field of media law and believe that a democratic state cannot exist without quality and independent media, which in turn provides citizens with quality and impartial information. That is how we seek to influence the media environment of the users both online and offline by upholding their right to freedom of expression and protecting their privacy. 


  • Media law, which provides for the development and improvement of legislation, its quality implementation and legal advice to journalists;
  • Support for public service broadcasting, creation of which was one of the first areas of activity of our organization since its foundation;
  • Participation in the implementation of key media reforms, including transparency of media financing, updating audiovisual legislation, reform of the press destatization, in the development and promotion of which CEDEM experts were involved;
  • Providing legal advice, including support for copyright protection;
  • Training of media law lawyers at the International Media Law Summer School, which we have held every year since 2005.
  • Support and membership of the Independent Media Council, initiated and co-founded by CEDEM;
  • Training programs for journalists, teachers and students.
  • Freedom of speech online, including interaction with social media to raise awareness of the peculiarities of the Ukrainian segment and protection of freedom of expression. 

We believe that every positive change in the media environment is directly linked to changes in society. A regulated legal framework sets clear rules, educated and knowledgeable journalists provide citizens with quality and balanced information, while informed citizens make informed decisions choosing government officials and use the media as a platform to communicate needs, problems, ideas and solutions. 


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