Almost 1 Million Ukrainians Reached by CEDEM’s Awareness-Raising Campaign in Support of Volunteers

We are amazed by the response that our video received in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok). The video reached 906,874 users!

This is a video that focuses on thanking volunteers. We created it together with PEDAN BURO as part of the awareness-raising campaign “TO VOLUNTEERS, WITH CARE”.

With this video, we wanted to raise awareness about volunteer support and safety. Just like everyone else, volunteers get tired, fall ill, lose loved ones, and experience emotional burnout. Therefore, the importance of supporting their well-being and safety became the main focus of our video and its main message to the community.

Our video tells how volunteers from Vostok SOS, Charitable Foundation GOOD DEEDS OF TRANSCARPATHIA, Charitable Foundation Kárpátaljai Sárkányellátó and Dobrobat supported Ukrainians. Namely: helped with evacuations from hot spots, raising emergency funds, purchasing necessary medicines, food, clothes and many other issues. People in the video thank their rescuers and ask them to take care of themselves the way the volunteers took care of them.

Our video  was shared by famous Ukrainian bloggers and various media. The influencers who supported the campaign included: Mark Melnychenko, Katia Blostka, Khrystia Zhuk, Katia Markova, Ira Symchych, Yaroslava Kravchenko, Oleksandr Pedan. The media that supported the campaign included: sho_tam_, WoMo, Poltavshchyna News, Civic Space (Hromadskyi Prostir), GURT, Maidan, amazing Ukraine, MamaTato.

The video “To Volunteers, with Care” was created with the support of Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia” as part of the Project Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity.