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The HQCJ failed to take into account 80% of the negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council on the candidates for the Supreme Court positions – monitoring results of “CHESNO” movement

Until May 26, interviews with the candidates for the new Supreme Court are being held; 308 of 382 candidates have already passed this final stage of the competition. Despite the Anti-Rating of the civic movement “CHESNO” that includes 150 candidates with questionable reputation, and 114 negative opinions of the Public Integrity Council, the HQCJ filtered out only 25 candidates during this stage. Therefore, 80% of candidates who […]

The High Qualification Commission of Judges Has Taken into Account Less than One Third of Conclusions of the Public Integrity Council: the Results of the First Week of Interviews with the Supreme Court Candidates

On May 10, after an almost two-week break, the High Qualification Commission of Judges continued interviewing the candidates for the offices of judges of the new Supreme Court. During the first week of April 21-28, the HQCJ conducted interviews with more than one third of all the candidates – as a result, 10% of them […]

CEDEM submitted its observations to Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Ukraine

CEDEM cooperated with Article 19 and prominent Ukrainian media NGOs (Anti-corruption Research and Education Centre, Human Rights Information Centre, Human Rights Platform and Regional Press Development Institute) and submitted its observations to the upcoming third cycle of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of Ukraine. These observations will be considered by the Human Rights Council on […]

Access in a Judicial Manner: Upon Public Demand, the High Qualification Commission of Judges Promised to Open the Portfolios of the Supreme Court Candidates

Today, on March 1, public activists organized the “march of the unknown” near the building of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Dressed in judges’ long robes and with masks on their faces, they showed how the Commission selects new judges to the Supreme Court out of the pool of “covered-up candidates” whose portfolios have […]

CEDEM will assess the access to information from state authorities

On February 22, 2017, CEDEM has organized a coordination meeting of the “Ombudsman plus” experts and monitors in Kyiv. 20 local activists have discussed the mechanism of conducting the monitoring of the state of access to information. This time not only local information administrators, such as regional administrations and city councils but also 70 central […]

CHESNO Movement Has Presented Its Analysis of All 653 Candidates to the Supreme Court

Within its campaign “CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary!”, CHESNO movement has analyzed all the candidates running for offices in the Supreme Court. The activists of the CHESNO movement presented their analytical reports at the press conference on Monday, February 20. In follow-up of the analysis, the activists identified seven sins of the candidates – the criteria […]

Reforms priorities and challenges of year 2017

Key reforms as well as making them sustainable and non-reversible were the topic of the Forum «Annual reform priorities: speeding the temps and providing the sustainability», which was held by the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Center for Democracy and Rule of Law. Experts, civic activists and officials participated in the Forum. The event was […]

IMC Recognizes Legitimacy of Dozhd TV Restriction in Ukraine

Independent Media Council (IMC) has found that imposition of restrictions on retransmission of Dozhd TV programming in Ukraine is in conformity with the three-pronged test for restricting freedom of expression. On its own initiative, and in light of the international concerns caused by the restriction on retransmitting Dozhd TV programs in Ukrainian cable and IPTV […]

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