Smoke Free Kyiv

The Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law supports a healthy lifestyle and has been fighting tobacco smoking in Ukraine since 2010 implementing Smoke Free Kyiv Project in collaboration with the NGO Coalition for Tobacco Free Ukraine.

In 2012, the Law of Ukraine “On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on Improving Certain Restrictions on Tobacco Smoking Places”, also known as the “Law on Ban on Smoking in Public Places”, was adopted. It was developed and advocated by the Centre’s experts, in particular. 

Experts from the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law co-authored a draft law No. 4030a designed to reduce smoking by banning cigarettes display and increasing fines. In support of anti-tobacco initiatives, the Centre organizes expert discussions and conducts analytical studies on the prevalence of smoking and the enforcement of anti-tobacco legislation.

Every year, CEDEM co-organizes the Golden Braid Tobacco Lobbying Public Ceremony. The event is held for advocacy purposes and is a performance. In 2012, the Law of Ukraine was adopted “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on Prohibition of Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Tobacco Products”, also known as the “Law on Prohibition of Cigarette Advertising”, which was developed by the experts of the Centre. The CEDEM team also monitors the enforcement of anti-tobacco laws.

CEDEM experts are working to reduce the level of smoking in Ukraine, develop and promote the adoption of laws, including the ban on tobacco advertising, smoking in cafes, bars and restaurants, raise excise taxes, ban cigarette advertising at the outlets.

The Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law provides legal support to the Coalition for Tobacco Free Ukraine!, in particular the NGO Life.

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