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Defense of the whistleblowers: How to ensure the security for those who report crimes

It was going about the mechanism of legal protection of the disclosure and the prospect of draft law No. 4038а ‘On the Protection of Disclosers and Disclosure of Harm or Threat to the Public Interest’ during the public discussion on the occasion of the First Annual International Day of Defenders. The event took place within […]

CEDEM will assess the access to information from state authorities

On February 22, 2017, CEDEM has organized a coordination meeting of the “Ombudsman plus” experts and monitors in Kyiv. 20 local activists have discussed the mechanism of conducting the monitoring of the state of access to information. This time not only local information administrators, such as regional administrations and city councils but also 70 central […]

Additional Anticorruption Trainings in Ternopil Region

  On July 11 and 12, the experts of the Lab, Igor Kovalik and Olga Mazaeva taught the civic activists of Chertkov and Kremenets in Ternopil region. At the training, the participants discussed topics of corruption and conflicts of interest, access to public information, the system of anti-corruption bodies and how to appeal to them […]

Lab Trained the Activists in Berezhany

Last week the experts of the Lab Ihor Kovalyk and Olha Mazayeva conducted a training of the anticorruption school “Lab of Active Citizens” in Berezhany, Ternopil region. The training was initiated and assisted by the participants of the Lab Halyna and Mykola Protsiv. 15 civic activists took part in the training. The deputy of the […]

In Ukraine Ended a Large-scale Anti-corruption school – Lab of Active Citizens

Lab of Active Citizens, the nationwide project organized by the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law (CEDEM) in partnership with the Reanimation Package of Reforms is running to its end. It was designed as a nationwide anti-corruption school of civic activists. There were 30 regional trainers selected on a competitive basis, who underwent 9-days a three-step training […]

Lab Participants Held High-profile Anti-corruption Investigations in Regions

17 successful projects were selected and presented their results to their fellow activists during the Forum on July 1-2, 2016. Presented work confirmed that the problems in the country exist and many of them need to fight. To give an idea of what concerned in Ukrainian regions, here are some topics of presented projects: land […]

48 Regional Trainings Organised in Ukraine

The third and last module of the Lab ended after organizing 48 one-day regional trainings. More than 300 regional activists nationwide have successfully completed the training of Lab of Active Citizens and mastered the mechanisms of combating corruption in reforming the housing sector, as well as how to avoid legal risks when publishing journalistic investigations. […]

Regional Activists are Determined to Combat Corruption

More than 120 activists from 5 regions in Ukraine have successfully completed the training of Module 3 of Lab of Active Citizens. During the last week, the active citizens of Dnipropetrovsk (June 6), Kharkiv (June 7), L’viv, Odesa (June10), and Mykolaiv (June 11) regions have mastered the mechanisms of combating corruption in reforming the housing […]

Lab Started Module3 of Anti-corruption Training in Ukraine

Lab of Active Citizens has successfully launched Module3 in regions. Last week anti-corruption trainings were held in 5 cities: Sumy (June 1), Vinnytsia (June 3), Poltava (June 3), Kirovograd (June4) and Rivne (June 5).   More than 130 active citizens acquired theoretical and practical knowledge of corruption risks in reforming the housing sector, as well […]

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