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VI Open University of Reforms has started

The Open University has begun preparations for the sixth recruitment of the young reformers. Within three months, the participants of the educational project will attend lectures, seminars and trainings conducted by the experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms, public activists, journalists, and politicians. In addition, the participants of the Open University will have 100 […]

Who Should Not Enter the New Supreme Court?

The High Qualification Commission of Judges (HQCJ) has finished considering the opinions of the Public Integrity Council (PIC) on the candidates’ non-compliance with the criteria of integrity and professional ethics. The Commission has afterwards held plenary meetings to award points to each candidate for their level of professional ethics and to draw up the final […]

Results of the Plenary Sessions of the High Qualification Commission of Judges: 66% of the Candidates with Negative Opinions of the Public Integrity Council Still Participate in the Competition

July 17 marked the end of the plenary sessions of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Within the competition to fill the offices at the Supreme Court, the Commission has scrutinized the opinions of the Public Integrity Council that was in charge of determining whether the candidates meet the criteria of integrity and professional ethics. […]

RPR call on the Parlament to ensure proper financing of the Public Broadcaster

Recalling Ukraine’s commitments to the Council of Europe and within the Ukraine-EU Association Agreement on the necessity of finalizing the conversion of state-owned TV and radio broadcasting companies into a public broadcaster, the media reform experts of the Reanimation Package of Reforms call on the Verkhovna Rada to ensure appropriate financing in order to complete […]

The SFS appeals against the court order requiring a response to a request

For more than a year, community activists from ZOGO “People’s Defense” are trying to get a copy of the tax audit certificate of the Zaporizhzhya Regional Clinical Hospital. It is known that this verification revealed a violation of its budget funds. First, the State Fiscal Service refused to provide a copy of the act to […]

Open University of Reforms finished its fifth involvement

The fifth involvement of Open University of Reforms (OUR) – joint educational initiative of the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law – was finished. From March till June 31 OUR members attended a lecture course from RPR experts as well as passed an internship in NGOs to receive knowledge […]

CHESNO.Filter the Judiciary! – The First Year of the Campaign

Exactly a year ago, shortly upon adoption of the constitutional amendments in the area of justice and the new law on the judiciary and the status of judges, CHESNO Movement launched the campaign CHESNO.Filter the Judiciary!, aimed at activating the society, aimed at cleaning the judiciary from unjust judges and establish a fair trial in […]

Ukrainians are largely ignoring the safety belts: less than 15% are fastened when driven

More than 85% of drivers in Ukraine do not use seat belts, violating the Road Traffic Rules and endangering their lives and health. Such results showed the study ‘Level of Using Seat Belts among Drivers in Ukraine’, made in spring 2017 by the public organizations under the  Campaign “For safe roads” . Researchers made measurements in […]

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