CEDEM develops educational online game on media law

February 3, 2019

The Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law, with the support of the USAID Media Program in Ukraine, implemented by the international organization Internews, has developed an educational game “Survive on the Internet – mission (im)possible” to help users test their media literacy.

From now on, Ukrainian Internet users can study the rules of conduct on social media and media legislation in an interactive form. In particular, they can find out what they might be blocked for, when liability arises and how to protect their personal data from fraudsters.

This game is an interactive tool with questions that online environment users are asking.  The aim of the project is to help understand how media law and the system work via examples. The specificity of the game is that it is impossible to get one comprehensive result. 

“When creating the game, we analyzed the legislation of European practice and the legislation of various jurisdictions, including that of the United States. We’ve also included community policy standards such as Facebook and Instagram. Accordingly, we encourage users to keep in mind not only the law, but also the rules of the community. It is the rules that sometimes limit certain options available to us, but at the same time provide additional tools that most people are unaware of,” noted Yelyzaveta Aleksiiuk, a CEDEM media law lawyer.

The main indicators in the game are privacy, popularity, influence and finances. In the end, everyone gets conclusions on each of the mentioned criteria for decisions, which will help to better understand how well the player can navigate in the Internet environment. Also, the game gives an opportunity to play on behalf of different characters: user, blogger and journalist. You can start the game anew or choose a new character. 

You can play the game by the link: http://game.cedem.org.ua.