CEDEM presents the guide to coalition institution building in Ukraine

September 29, 2021

Teaming up with like-minded people in a coalition or a community is the most effective way to succeed if you are a civil society organization and want to make a difference in your country or city. You will be heard by for the authorities and local people (because the coalition represents the views of a wider range of people), and it will be easier to implement large-scale projects together.  

Creating a coalition is a complex and lengthy process. However, it can be made easier by relying on expert advice and the experience of established CSOs, which is why the CEDEM has published an interactive Guide to Coalition Institution Building in Ukraine. It was developed by Ivan Omelian, an expert on institutional development, CEDEM consultant, former head of the regional department of the RPR Coalition. The guide was presented on September 22, 2021.

“This guide is designed to help build effective communities and coalitions. However, there is no single recipe for success. It can accompany you on the path of building a coalition. However, unique problems are inevitable. Over time, you will gain experience and understanding of how to deal with such challenges. The dynamic experience we gain tells us that if there is dialogue and trust among the members of communities, partnerships, coalitions, all their goals can be achieved”, the author notes.

The developers offer the guide to public activists and all civil society representatives who create communities and use coalitions as a tool for advocacy and communication. In particular, it tells you how the community is formed, what is needed to create and “reboot” a coalition, how to solve typical problems of unification and engage new supporters (and what to do when the coalition has reached its goal). 

“The guide is based on the concept of institution building, which provides for the creation, sustainable development and strengthening of structures, processes that directly affect the effectiveness of coalitions”, says the preface.

To create these recommendations, the developers of the guide studied theoretical works, research, analyzed the international and personal experience of the authors, compared various situations in the activities of CSOs. There is a general instruction for public activists, coalition members and those interested in the effective work of the sector.

The authors made the Guide as practical as possible. In particular, they added webinar recordings and video comments to a particular coalition experience that will help civic activists in their work.

You can download the guide at the link.