How Ukrainian crowdfunding platforms help the military, volunteers and not only them

June 2, 2022

How are Ukrainian crowdfunding platforms working now? CEDEM has previously written about the platforms on which after February 24 foreigners are actively raising money to help our state. On the Ukrainian crowdfunding platforms, you can now support projects important during the war. Read and save a list of selected reliable resources through which Ukrainians support each other, and choose the project to help:

Big Idea (Spilnokosht) is one of the largest and most popular Ukrainian crowdfunding platforms, existing since 2012. Big Idea does not duplicate the work of hundreds of Ukrainian volunteers who raise money for the purchase of equipment for the military. However, you can support other useful initiatives here: for example, fund a School of Aesthetic Education for the internally displaced children that provides children with psychological and therapeutic help. In addition, money is raised at Big Idea for the production of high-quality bulletproof vests, training in Tactical Combat Casualty Care, as well as for arranging shelters for displaced persons. Among interesting cultural projects, you can support the recording and distribution of the album of Plast songs “The Fox Songs” for children aged 4-10 years old. UAH 40 thousand has already been raised for this project.

Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace – this platform, founded in 2012, was originally aimed at supporting charitable projects. During this time it has raised about UAH 500 million for charity. Now the initiatives on the resource are mainly aimed at solving humanitarian problems caused by the war. For example, the platform has successfully raised over UAH 500 thousand for the medical care for the injured children in Zaporizhzhia and almost UAH 800 thousand to support children’s hospitals. For those who find it difficult to choose among various projects, there is a separate ‘Piggy Bank’ on the website. Individual families with children, elderly, military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and representatives of the Territorial Defence Forces receive help through the Piggy Bank. As of mid-May 2022, UPM’s Piggy Bank already had UAH 13 million.  

Startera is a crowdfunding platform for creative, social and startup projects. And now the resource also hosts a humanitarian fundraising project: Fundraising for the evacuation of people from areas of hostilities and accommodation of such people in the territory of Lviv Region. This Startera project is implemented together with the Department of Education and Science of Lviv Regional State Administration. More than two thirds of the required UAH 100,000 of the total budget have already been raised. 

My City is a local crowdfunding platform that has been operating in Odesa, Kharkiv and Dnipro since 2015. This resource is notable because conceptually it is a community-building tool: communities can finance socially useful local projects through the platform. Right now, the website is getting involved in providing for the needs of the military and volunteers: they are raising funds for thermal imagers, collimators and vehicles. These initiatives are successful – UAH 320 thousand has already been raised for collimators for the marines. 

Organizations and foundations 

Tabletochki is one of the most reputable Ukrainian charitable foundations, which has been helping children with cancer, hematological and other life-threatening diseases since 201. The organization continues its activities even in the midst of a full-scale war. Now the foundation not only collects aid for children, but also helps with the evacuation of patients abroad. You can make a one-time donation on the Tabletochki crowdfunding platform “I Want to Help”, or you can become a regular donor and help children on a monthly basis. The foundation can be supported in a variety of ways: with cryptocurrency, through a platform for transferring funds from abroad, and even through a Viber chatbot.

Пласт is one of the most respected scouting organizations of Ukraine, which has been supporting the initiatives aimed at the development and protection of Ukraine for more than a century. Now Plast is actively crowdfunding to support the military – UAH 15 million worth of medicines and equipment have already been purchased for the defenders. They raise funds for thermal imagers, cars, first-aid kits. Also, they help Plast participants to get treatment. You can support the organization once or on a monthly basis using bank details, PayPal and cryptocurrency.

Meeting me is a young and innovative crowdfunding platform that allows users to meet celebrities and at the same time help socially useful projects. Civil society organizations can register on the platform to donate the money they receive to various projects, including helping the army. 

Tvoya Opora (Your Support) Charitable Foundationthis foundation was founded in 2014 to organize assistance to seriously ill children and orphans. Over the years of its existence, Tvoya Opora has become one of the leading organizations that help children with congenital heart defects, and in 2020 alone, it raised almost UAH 80 million. After the full-scale invasion, the organization continued its previous activities to support sick children. At the same time, they launched a project “Help Ukraine! Stop War!” to help orphans, children, hospitals and forced migrants. A Polish-language project “Uratuj dzieci z Ukrainy!” for fundraising from Poland is also posted on the website.

People`s is a non-governmental organization founded in 2014. People`s Project bring together volunteers and donors who want to help useful military, healthcare and social projects – in 8 years, the organization managed to raise UAH 100 million for this. The resource is built as a crowdfunding platform: volunteers raise money for different needs at the same time, and visitors can choose which project to support. The organization mainly raises funds for the military: for the purchase of thermal imagers, gasoline, first-aid kits and cars, but those willing can also finance demining of dangerous areas or providing support to the elderly in front-line areas. The most successful projects raise millions of hryvnias: the initiative to help the military with equipment has already raised nearly UAH 12.3 million.

Buy Me a Fighter Jet is a new resource supported by Ukroboronprom, the Halychyna Aviation brand and Ukraine Media Center. The aim of the initiative is to raise funds for the purchase of “used” Soviet-made aircraft that are not used for their intended purpose. This project, implemented by the Charitable Foundation Halychyna Aviation, is extremely popular in the media – a separate article about Buy Me a Fighter Jet was even published by The Washington Post. You can participate in the purchase of an aircraft for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the platform in any convenient way online.