A series of study visits for newly created NGOs in the field of inclusion and IDPs ends

December 16, 2021

As part of the Ukrainian Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative project, the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law in partnership with Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia” held a series of four study visits for the newly established organizations working in the field of inclusion and protection of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Selected organizations participated in webinars on self-assessment of organizational capacity, areas of organizational development, drafting a request for a certain tool or skill and the submission of a grant for a study visit on the website of Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia”. In addition, during the webinar, the newly established organizations learned about the opportunities for organizational development provided by the Marketplace Platform. At the second webinar, the trainees found out about the procurement procedure as part of grant support. 

Instead, host organizations learned how to help trainees generate a request, what collaboration tools exist, and how to develop a curriculum. To do this, the organizers held a workshop on the internship framework. 

In addition, the training for the host organizations covered the emotional component of internship, the mechanisms for acquiring new practical skills for trainees and the impact of group dynamics on the study visit. After a series of webinars and workshops, the trainees paid study visits to host organizations.

As a result of a study visit to NGO Public Alternative, representatives of the Women’s Initiative Foundation created an organizational chart, developed a draft strategy for their organization, and planned a number of advocacy activities: in particular, to create educational videos and hold a thematic exhibition.

During her internship at the Slavonic Heart Charitable Foundation, the Social Interaction Platform acquired a number of internal policies and codes, as well as practical knowledge of accounting, project management, team building and human resources management.

After a visit to NGO “Donbass SOS”, representatives of NGO “We Are From Ukraine” improved the quality of their communication on social media and developed project concepts. During the internship, they also worked on a communication strategy to attract beneficiaries and a questionnaire to determine the needs of the target audience, made a SWOT analysis of the organization and learned about new methods of drafting projects. 

NGO “We Are Equal” worked with NGO “Active Rehabilitation Group”.. Thanks to the cooperation, the trainees developed a variety of printed materials, as well as planned trainings for police officers, healthcare professionals and teachers.

Based on the experience of conducting a series of study visits, CEDEM together with the Initiative Center to Support Social Action “Ednannia” have prepared guidelines, which can be found here. The guidelines will help potential trainee and host organizations find answers to questions about assessing organizational development, the purpose of study visits, their possible outcomes, requesting, filling out a grant application, managing the financial part of the grant, and conducting study visits directly. Equally important is the section on further organizational development and the resources needed to ensure it. By following these guidelines, trainee organizations and host organizations will significantly simplify the preparation for and holding of the study visit and maximize its benefits.

A series of study visits for organizations working in the field of inclusion and protection of IDPs was made possible with the sincere support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) within the Ukrainian Civil Society Sectoral Support Initiative project.