CHESNO Civil Movement

CHESNO is a civil movement that aims to promote transparency, accountability and openness of government officials and the demand for quality policy among citizens.

CHESNO Civil Movement was started by a group of activists together with representatives of the New Citizen partnership in 2011 – one year before the parliamentary election in Ukraine. The symbol of the Movement is garlic, which is used to disinfect and fight the “evil” in politics.

Until 2019 CEDEM, in cooperation with Centre UA, remained in the CHESNO Civil Movement. CEDEM provided methodological and legal support for the Movement’s activities, in particular, ensured legal analysis of materials on the politicians and officials that CHESNO Civil Movement is preparing. 

In 2016, the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law initiated and implemented CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary! Campaign within CHESNO Civil Movement aimed at making the society more active in order to clear off unscrupulous judges from the judiciary and to establish a fair trial in Ukraine.

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