Fair elections held under clear, understandable and fair rules are an important part of democracy. In Ukraine, every election is a new history of change, innovation, technology. In order for citizens to make informed choices, we are working to ensure that they are informed and the shortcomings in the regulation of the electoral process are eliminated.

Experts from the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law are working on changes to national legislation on electoral reform. For example, CEDEM’s proposals to the Electoral Code regarding the obligation of the Sociological Centers to publish data about those commissioning polls on electoral issues were taken into account. Another example is the adoption by the Central Election Commission of the CEDEM’s proposal to grant voters the right to apply for a temporary change of polling place through their authorized representatives. Such changes provide voters with additional tools to exercise their right to vote.

The legal expert evaluation by the Centre for Democracy and the Rule of Law is also conducted through the analysis of both national and international legislation and the preparation of analytical documents with recommendations, in particular, on changes in the election campaign financing in Ukraine, which are extremely costly today, especially in comparison with the developed European countries.

In addition, the experts hold educational lectures on electoral reform and legislative regulation of election campaigns for students and journalists.

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