CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary!

CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary! is a long-term public control campaign aimed at making the society more active in order to clear off unscrupulous judges from the judiciary and to establish a fair trial in Ukraine.

CEDEM initiated CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary! as part of CHESNO Civil Movement in June 2016. The campaign started almost simultaneously with the adoption of amendments to the Constitution regarding justice and the new law on the judiciary and status of judges. 

One of the tasks we have set ourselves is to gather and analyze information about all judges of Ukraine. Website of CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary! has a unique online database of judges’ profiles. This is the only online resource in Ukraine to accumulate all information about judges – declarations, family relationships, court decisions, media publications and opinion on integrity under the CHESNO’s methodology.


  • Non-involvement in corruption or criminal offenses;
  • Non-involvement in dubious decisions;
  • Compliance of the lifestyle with the declared income and transparency of wealth;
  • Non-involvement in human rights abuses;
  • Compliance with professional ethics.

Judges who fail to meet at least one integrity criterion are unscrupulous and marked with black garlic in the profiles. Our team collects information based on its own methodology from publicly available sources and does not argue that a person has committed the offense or is guilty.

The team of CHESNO. Filter the Judiciary! oversees the competition for judges and the judiciary, analyzes the candidates and advocates for updating the judiciary. In the context of competitions for judges, CНESNO team sends analytical reports on the candidates to the High Qualification Commission of Judges, the Public Integrity Council, and the Public Council of International Experts for consideration.

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