Open University of Reforms

Open University of Reforms (OUR) is an educational project of the Centre for Democracy and Rule of Law and the Coalition Reanimation Package of Reforms. The mission of the Open University of Reform is to train active young people to implement changes and reform Ukraine.

OUR is a 3 months of lectures in Kyiv, covering most of the reforms that are implemented at the time of study, and practical knowledge of current changes. The first enrollment to the Open University of Reforms was held in 2015. Since then, OUR enrolls students twice a year. 

OUR also offers internship in NGOs and implementation of their own reform projects by participants. OUR speakers are leading experts with considerable experience in implementing change: experts from the RPR and CEDEM, members of NGOs, MPs, ministers, and representatives of public authorities. Part of the lessons focuses on developing skills that are important for future reformers – strategy, critical thinking, leadership, advocacy, public speaking.

During the internships in NGOs, OUR students have the opportunity to practically join in the implementation of a particular reform, to acquire new knowledge and skills and to learn more about work in the public sector. During the years of work on the project, we have seen that after graduating from the Open University of Reforms, students get a chance to be employed by NGOs. 

Working on reform projects allows finding creative approaches to solving current problems. Since the sixth OUR enrollment, students have successfully implemented 12 projects.

Each OUR enrollment is preceded by a major competition proving that the topic of reforms in Ukraine is relevant for young people. More than 300 students and noncredit students have graduated from OUR. Many of them today work in the public sector, public authorities, international projects and organizations.

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