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Civic Initiatives

Access in a Judicial Manner: Upon Public Demand, the High Qualification Commission of Judges Promised to Open the Portfolios of the Supreme Court Candidates

Today, on March 1, public activists organized the “march of the unknown” near the building of the High Qualification Commission of Judges. Dressed in judges’ long robes and with masks on their faces, they showed how the Commission selects new judges to the Supreme Court out of the pool of “covered-up candidates” whose portfolios have […]

Reforms priorities and challenges of year 2017

Key reforms as well as making them sustainable and non-reversible were the topic of the Forum «Annual reform priorities: speeding the temps and providing the sustainability», which was held by the Reanimation Package of Reforms and Center for Democracy and Rule of Law. Experts, civic activists and officials participated in the Forum. The event was […]

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Media Law

The statute of National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine is adopted

Today, Government of Ukraine adopted the statute of Public Joint Stock Company “National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine”. This decision enables formation of the legal entity of public broadcaster and continuation the reform. The statute development have lasted for about the year, including the work of media experts. In particular, lawyer of Centre […]

Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech: draft defamation law must be rejected

In response to a non-governmental organizations` appeal (Centre for democracy and rule of law, «Detector media», Institute of mass information, «Internews-Ukraine», Regional Press Development Institute, «Centre UA», National Union of Journalists of Ukraine) Verhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy voted to reject №4034 draft law «On applying changes in Criminal law […]

Government budget is to leave the Public Broadcasting underfinanced

2017 Ukraine budget draft, introduced by Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, provides 897,757 millions of hryvnias for public broadcasting system according to  «Financial support of National Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company of Ukraine» budget program. Additionally 455,7 millions of hryvnias are provided by the  «Preparation and holding the Eurovision song contest» program. Such amount of […]

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